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You're Making Us Blush!

"I wish to share with you a heartfelt THANK YOU.


Your shop is beautiful. 


It is a place that is peaceful to come to for sometimes feel chic, sometimes stretch my comfort zone, sometimes drop a mortgage on beautiful things, sometimes be surprised by the delightful steals on the sale rack.


I love this.  I love that the presence of the sale rack and the deep deep discounts that you offer make your place welcoming for us girls of ALL ages...


It is beautiful.


So, thank you. 


Thank you for providing that space for me and for all of us..."

LYB Customer

"You have made Indy proud with such sophisticated styling - much like you.  

And speaking of you - amazing.  Nothing short of amazing.  You make each customer feel so special, no matter how many of us are in the store.  And there were lots of us today.  Taking time and finding that certain something that matches each of our styles is one of your many unique qualities.  Not to mention your amazing good taste.  Each time I leave the store, I am hungry to return.  That explains why many come in each day - we

feel so good when we leave with such beautiful treasures.  I want to change clothes at least twice a day so I can wear all the stuff I bought.  And can you believe it, I want to come back in and buy MORE.  LoveYour Body Boutique is addicting."

Barbara A.

"Oh what a vibrant place to spend an afternoon shopping! This boutique is the definition of treat yourself as they always have designer apparel with some sort of discount. The layout is beautiful and it really is an experience as the owner will help style you from head to toe leaving you looking totally hawt.  It started as yoga and wellness clothing and accessories and then moved into a more modern day casual to dressy look. They have Alo, Aprés, hardtail, etc. The jewelry and shoes are to die for and the printed tees know just what to say! Great location in Nora and is the place to check out for a new wardrobe piece or entire outfit. Love love your body!!"

Lauren L..

"I absolutely adore Love Your Body Boutique!!! They have clothes, shoes, bags and jewelry for every occasion!! Lisa and her staff are willing to help style you and give you honest opinions. I can't say enough good things about the boutique, Lisa, Judy and the rest of the team! The clothes really are to die for!!!"

Angie T.

"I absolutely LOVE this store. Definitely my new favorite boutique in town and Lisa and her powerful and amazing women are awesome to work for. Not to mention the really cool 'skinny' mirrors! :-)"

Sonal Z.

"This boutique is so freaking lovely! I don't know what I would do without it in my life anymore. The blog is awesome also. I pretty much plan on shopping here only from now on."

Haley B.


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