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Thanksgiving and the Law of Attraction

a graphic saying "the secret to having it all is believing you already do"

This Thanksgiving, I want to take a brief moment to share how the idea of “giving thanks” has the power to completely change your life.

Are you familiar with the popular books The Secret and/or The Law of Attraction? The authors of both books unearth for us the long-held simple, yet profound, wisdom that we get what we focus our attention on. We are literally in the process of creating our destiny throughout every moment of the day as a result of where our thoughts are.

How often have you found yourself in a scenario like this? You wake up late, rush through your morning and then suddenly can’t find your keys as you’re trying to run out the door. You begin to think, “Just great; it’s going to be one of those kinds of days.” Before you know it, you’re in line at Starbucks on your way to work and you’re the twentieth car in a line wrapped around the building. “Yep, I just knew it,” you think. Your workday unfolds as an extension of your frustrating morning: a compute malfunction, an argument with a coworker, and numerous other incidents that mirror your gloomy outlook about nothing going your way.

Conversely, haven’t we all experienced some version of the following? You wake up unexplainably before the alarm clock chimes, bounce into your kitchen, and find your children are already up, dressed, and playing peacefully with one another. (This happened to me… once.) Your heart smiles and you just feel happy to be alive. As breakfast is cooking and coffee is brewing, you look around and feel a rush of joy and gratitude for the home in which you live and the beautiful family with which you’ve been blessed. On your drive into work, every traffic light seems to be green, and you dance into the office to meet the happy faces of your colleagues. Work flows easily that day, and when you get home and open the mailbox that evening, you discover an unexpected check waiting inside. “Ahhhhh…..,” you think, “Isn’t life just wonderful?”

Both of these scenarios illustrate the Law of Attraction in action. Whatever we choose to ruminate on, good or bad, will begin to unfold in our lives. We literally act as energy magnets! (Please note, I’m not saying here that we are to blame for every single negative circumstance in our lives—I do believe, however, that positive can emerge from negative if we choose to direct our energy that way.)

So, when you hear and read about the importance of gratitude, understand that giving thanks does a lot more than lift your mood. It literally sends out a message to the universe that you accept its gifts and welcome more of such gifts into your life! Next time you encounter someone who possesses some quality, thing, or life circumstance that’s appealing to you, see if you can push past the human tendency to feel slightly resentful or envious. Instead, notice what it is that’s making your heart sing, acknowledge that you’ve found a certain resonance, be happy for that other person, and sit back and relax as the universe begins to collaborate with you to draw this very thing into your life.

My favorite part of this beautiful “secret” is the message that we have the power to create and, when desired, change our lives. When you choose to own your thoughts and consciously direct them, you are truly on the path to mastery!


Lisa Berry

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