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Awesome Workouts Anytime, Anywhere!

woman doing yoga in living room

Few things are as rewarding as a good workout and the mild soreness that follows it the next day. Coupled with the gorgeous activewear we have at LYB, it’s no surprise we adore walking into the studio or the gym to sweat it out. Unfortunately, life often gets in the way. Whether it’s travel, an inflexible work schedule, or sick kids, sometimes there is no way to run out and work out. On top of it, it is often hard to find a whole hour during the day to devote to fitness. And studio and gym fees can get expensive when raising children!

Thankfully, you can still get a good workout at home, the office or a hotel room! Check out these three convenient, flexible and ultra-accessible options.


This is LYB owner Lisa Berry’s go-to app for working out when she’s not dancing or can’t get to the yoga studio. She discovered it after 50 failed resolutions to get back into the yoga studio that included everything from getting up at 5 am and leaving the store in the middle of the day. Tired of trying to fit it into her packed life, she realized one day the workout needed to come to her, instead of her going to it. Enter Glo! The app allows you to choose your practice based on the amount of time you have and level of expertise. If all you can do is 10 minutes, you can still get in movement that shifts your energy and makes your body feel good! You can also choose your teachers and preferred yoga style. You can also do Pilates and meditation classes!

Pure Barre On Demand

Much like Yoga Glo, Pure Barre On Demand allows you to choose your class based on available time and preferred teacher. It also offers intensives that focus on different body parts. No equipment is necessary! A wall, chair or couch can double as a ballet barre. Water bottles can double as weights. A pillow can double as a ball. You can watch the videos on a phone, tablet or computer. Surely, there is no more convenient way to lift, tone and burn!

Hilaria Baldwin’s Instagram Videos

It may be hard to believe, but her quick videos are effective...and completely free! If you don’t believe me, go on her feed, save some of the exercise videos you think you would benefit from and try them out. I promise you’ll feel the burn! Because of her background in yoga and wellness, many of her exercises are therapeutic. It’s fun to save a bunch of her moves and choose however many you can do at any given point in time!

What are your tricks to keep moving when you can’t get to the gym or can’t spare a lot of time? Email me at

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