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Love Your Body, Love Your Life

What is your most significant New Year’s Resolution? This year, I’m going BIG.

In 2017 my mission is to live a life based on love. I want to do everything in my power to spread positive energy throughout my life, starting on the inside, and radiating out to my family and friends, home, work environment and world around me. As we enter into the New Year, I’m seeking to unearth new ways to love myself, my body, my home, my children, my friends and colleagues, and my environment.

More than anything, I want to take you on this journey with me.

Welcome to Love Your Body’s LOVE YOUR LIFE 2017 campaign! LYB was founded with the intention of sharing the tools to support a life that is beautiful, healthy and full of joy. We endeavor to not only bring beautiful products into your life, but the inspiration and insight to cultivate happiness from the inside out. Although we’re called “Love Your Body,” we’re really all about loving your whole self and the world around you. Our focus in 2017 is to give you the products, insights and inspiration to spread the love to all areas of your life!

This is a lofty mission (that, by the way, is a lifelong endeavor), so we’ve decided to break it down into focused areas throughout the year. In January, we begin by working on loving our bodies. For many of us this means becoming more physically active, so we’re offering four weeks of fabulous fitness-oriented sales to get you going, plus a variety of blogs on wonderful ways to support your physical wellbeing. With February comes Valentine’s Day and a spotlight on not only loving your significant other, but also your friends, family and greater world around you. Subsequent months will highlight ways to love your home, wardrobe, spirit, environment, community and more. All of these little pieces are stepping stones along the path to loving your life.

I spoke last week about using the concept of “accountability” to help in the pursuit of New Year’s resolutions. I’m going to share my individual “love your life” goals right here with you each month as a way to not only bolster my commitment, but to hopefully give you ideas and inspiration for your own goal setting. Here are 5 actions I plan to take in January to love my body:

  1. Engage in at least three physical yoga practices (minimum 30 minutes each) per week.

  2. Drink more water, less wine and coffee. Every time I go to reach for liquid, I’m going to drink a glass of water first and then see if I’m still thirsty!

  3. Replace synthetic, chemical-based bath and body products with all-natural, non-chemical products.

  4. Cook at home, using whole foods and fresh produce at least three nights per week.

  5. Aim for at least 7 hours of sleep per night.

As Laura spoke about in her blog last week, it’s vital that we approach our goals with compassion towards ourselves. New Year’s resolutions should be positive intentions, not rigid rules. We’re human, and real life invariably will, at times, derail us. The true success comes in our ability to get right back up and onto the path. When I used to compete as an ice skater, the true measure of talent was a skater’s ability to rebound after falling, not her success in landing every single jump.

For LYB, 2017 promises to be a year of positive growth and fresh starts. We have SO many wonderful products on the way to help advance you towards your goals of looking and feeling fabulous. We’ll also be partnering with new brands, collaborating with new guest bloggers, expanding into a new physical space at our Indy location, and venturing into new community partnerships. We’re thrilled to have your on this journey with us!

Here’s to loving your life in 2017!


Lisa Berry

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