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Going Green Inspiration

Going green is our Siren’s Call here at LYB. Like bees to honey, we are drawn to the idea of reducing our waste, preserving our resources and leaving the planet a little greener than we found it.

Some of us are fully versed in eco-consciousness. Many of us are taking baby steps towards a cleaner life while we continue to be dumbfounded by the enormity of the task before us and the plethora of nebulous information on what actually helps and harms the planet.

But no matter how steep the path before us, we continue to be captivated by the effort. Here are three books that inspire us and re-charge us when we feel overwhelmed.

1) Zero Waste Home by Bea Johnson

In our minds, this is the ultimate source of inspiration for going green. Bea Johnson explains it is not just about saving the planet, it’s about increasing our quality of life. As Bea says, when you refuse what you don’t need or isn’t healthy for the planet, reduce your waste and consumption, and reuse, your life shifts. Instead of needing things to fill a void, it becomes about doing things. Life also becomes simplified to the point where you have more time--the ultimate commodity in this day and age.

2) Minimalist Baker’s Everyday Cooking by Dana Shultz

As Time magazine puts it: "Agriculture, forestry and related land uses contribute 24% of the country's climate change-causing greenhouse emissions, according to the EPA, and animal agriculture contributes a significant portion of that...Widespread adoption of vegetarianism would slash emissions by nearly two-thirds, according to the research."

This cookbook makes eating less meat super easy--seriously!! The majority of the recipes in the book can be made using just one bowl, with 10 ingredients or less, and in under 30 minutes. With recipes like Garlic Pineapple Stir-Fried Quinoa and Toasted Coconut Dark Chocolate Popcorn, you can sit at your dinner table, rejoice in nature’s bounty and see how luxurious plant-based food can be.

3) Lab Girl by Hope Jahren

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a tree? They are all around us. They keep us alive by providing oxygen, absorbing harmful gasses, providing shade, and soothing our weary souls, among many other things. We love the looks of them. But what is it like to be a tree? Hope Jahren provides some insight into their existence while enveloping us in the fascinating story of how she got into the field of botany and how she managed to get to where she is today. If you’re looking for inspiration to be more respectful towards nature, this is your book. The writing is exquisite and the story is engrossing.

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