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Feel Good Tricks (Are you doing these yet?)

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Feeling achy, tired and all around blah? Here are three super quick fixes that are sure to make a difference! Most likely, you have tried at least one of them and maybe even all of them. Nonetheless, because these activities are more powerful than they seem at first glance, it is absolutely worth putting them down in one blog post so, if nothing else, they serve as a reminder for the future.

I think of these as my secret tool box. They are my go to remedies after bad nights or when I am just not feeling it. Paired with a green juice, a strong cup of tea, a workout if I can squeeze it in, and some lipstick (yes, I am serious. Read “Putting Lipstick On A Bad Day."), they help my body feel supple and invigorated. That, in turn, makes my whole outlook brighter.

Foam Rolling

Foam rolling is beloved by sports and workout enthusiasts because it stretches and loosens muscles and fascia (the Saran wrap-like connective tissue that surrounds the muscles). The myofascial release also squeezes out old blood in the muscles and replaces it with fresh, oxygen-filled blood. This allows for a quicker recovery time and reduced incidence of injuries. I also love that it improves circulation and boosts lymphatic drainage.

When choosing a foam roller, make sure it’s not so hard that it hurts as you roll on it. Of course, some areas are prone to aching when you roll over them, like the hips if they are especially tight, but the foam roller shouldn’t hurt the majority of the time.

A common mistake is rolling over areas of the body too quickly. It’s best to let the body release over the foam roller as you’re rolling so you can really get into the harder to reach areas.

I particularly love foam rolling at night. I take a hot shower, slather on a luxurious body cream, preferably lavender scented, throw on some soft cotton pjs and hit the foam roller. I have been following Lauren Roxburgh’s videos and tips and like to do a quick head to toe sequence before bed. I find this ritual relaxes both my mind and body and helps me drift into a deeper sleep.

I also like to use the foam roller during the day if I am feeling particularly achy or tired. To be equipped at all times, I keep a small travel foam roller in my office. It must the effect of increasing my circulation or assisting in lymphatic drainage, but using the foam roller when I am feeling blah truly re-centers me. Both my foam rollers (regular and travel) are from Lauren Roxburgh. I love their firmness.

Dry Brushing

I once heard dry brushing will get you cleaner than bathing with soap and water. I am not sure I would ever go so far as to test this claim, but I can tell you I love dry brushing for its energy boosting abilities. In fact, I love dry brushing first thing in the morning because I feel it truly wakes me up. I especially feel like my eyes pop open when I dry brush the palms of my hands. Its energizing effect is due to the fact that it boosts circulation and helps move our lymphatic system.

I used to wonder if the magic was all in my head until I talked to a family member who is struggling with lyme disease. Without my asking, she told me she sometimes relies on dry brushing to get through the day, and will dry brush up to twice in one morning when necessary. She said it gives her an energy boost she can’t get any other way.

So, next time you have had too little sleep, give the brush a try. And check out this Goop article on how to dry brush and why it’s so potent.

Jumping on a Trampoline

When I first heard about the benefits of jumping on a trampoline, I thought: NO WAY! But once you hear why it’s supposedly so good, it makes sense. In the words of the experts:

Jumping on a trampoline “involves increasing our G-force which is the force created on the body as a result of gravity. When you jump on the trampoline, there is an acceleration and deceleration that happens on each jump. All 638 muscles alternately flex and relax, toning the whole muscular system.”See the source.

Aside from toning the whole muscular system and every cell in the body (even the eyes), jumping up and down gets your blood flowing and your lymphatic system moving. It also has been proven to be very effective in oxygenating the body.

I own a Bellicon rebounder. I initially bought it for workout purposes and because it’s supposed to reduce the development of osteoporosis. Now, I use it mostly to energize my body and put a smile on my face. In fact, I dare you to jump up and down on a trampoline for a few minutes and not come off it in a better mood!

What quick feel good tricks do you employ? Let me know at

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