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Sunshine Plan

Over a decade ago, LYB owner Lisa Berry and I came up with the idea of a “Sunshine Plan.” I, personally, was at a crossroads in my life. In my mid-twenties, I had worked long enough to realize my lifelong career dreams might not, in practice, be what I imagined them to be as a child. I had experienced enough to feel the weight of life, but I had not accomplished enough to feel settled within myself. There were many nights when I got home and laid in bed feeling utterly deflated.

While on the phone one day, I told Lisa I missed being younger because I missed feeling sheer joy often throughout the day. I missed feeling carefree. I missed feeling wonder. Remembering the laughter, excitement, and awe I felt while on a long-desired trip to Florence, Italy with my cousin, I wished I could run off on an adventure, visit a famous garden, lay on a blanket in the grass and feel the sunshine on my face.

And so, Lisa and I created the Sunshine Plan. It consists of developing a list of things that make your heart giggle. Things that make you feel like you have opened a window and let crisp, pure air into your days.

On my list was visiting museums, learning about trees and flowers, reading novels, playing my favorite songs, and going out to brunch and dinner with friends. On Lisa’s list was dancing, dancing, and more dancing--becoming a World Champion requires this type of passion. There was also yoga, shopping, reading her favorite inspirational books during breakfast, indulging in her favorite baked good at night after a long day of work.

Within days of developing our lists, we began to feel as if our lives were lighter. Simply having a document filled with things we loved was enough to help us connect with the feelings those things brought out in us. So, even on days when we couldn’t indulge in any of those activities, we still felt relief at knowing they were waiting for us as soon as we were able to devote time to them.

Today, our Sunshine Plans have changed, and only some of the items on those lists remain the same, but the sentiment remains.

And so, since February is all about Lovin’ Life at Love Your Body, we are letting you in on one of our secrets to love life and inviting you to come up with your own Sunshine Plan. We hope it brings you as much joy as it has brought us!

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