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candle, towels and essential oils

When I first conceived of Love Your Body, I envisioned a wellness-inspired store that felt like the world’s best “spa shop.” I confess, I’m a total spa-aholic! When I need to hit my personal “reset” button, nothing does the trick like an indulgent visit to the spa, replete with a hot stone massage, eucalyptus steam room session, and, most importantly (lol) visit to the spa shop. I’m so long overdue for a spa day it’s not even funny, but I digress.

For me, the spa experience helps cultivate a sense of presence by activating our senses. When we inhale pure essential oils or feel the silky glide of massage oil along our back, our anxious thoughts abate and we are pulled into the delicious present moment. It has been my intention at LYB to offer a wonderful array of bath and body products that enable us to bring the spa experience into our everyday lives.

To help you take advantage of this week’s awesome BOGO promotion on bath and body products, I thought I’d give you a little primer on our inspired selection at LYB, along with a few notes about my personal faves.


Owned by a husband and wife team based out of Missouri, Barr-Co is a bath and body product line focused on simplicity and purity when it comes to ingredients. Their creations integrate natural plant extracts, colloidal oatmeal, aloe vera extract, recycled and reusable materials and vegetable-based products grown by American farmers.

When I first introduced Barr-Co to LYB, I was already familiar with their velvety hand crèmes and was sold! We now carry an array of their spa-inspired products, including bath salts, soaps, body scrubs, candles and even fresh-smelling surface cleaner for your home. A basket of assorted goodies from Barr-Co makes an awesome gift, and you’ll love their clean and simple packaging.


Nothing says integrity, quality and purity of intention like this handmade line of bath and body products made right here in Indiana by our good friend, Angie Wagner. Her inspiration is rooted in her commitment to healthy, natural living and the constant pursuit of natural alternatives to store-bought, often chemically-laden products. She uses top-quality essential oils to create products that are soothing, healing and nurturing to both body and spirit.

We are so proud to feature Love Your Body Butter as our own customized creation from SkinLove. This rich, whipped moisturizer is delicious to spread on after a bath or shower, and my only complaint is that it’s so luxurious that I overuse it and have to keep buying more! My children especially love SkinLove’s therapeutic bath salts, which include Dead Sea salt, Himalyan salt, lavender flowers and an infusion of pure essential oils. The line’s probiotic deodorant, foot and muscle balms, massage oils and lip balms have also received rave reviews from LYB customers.


Introduced to LYB earlier this year by popular demand (you can’t believe how many phone calls I got asking if we carried Thymes bath and body products!), this line is full of plant-based body-pampering goodies (we also love their candles, especially around the holidays!)

Our present selection at LYB includes shower gels, body lotions and home fragrance mists featuring botanical blends from lavender to eucalyptus to lotus santal to aqua corraline. I’m a huge fan of shower gels, and the aqua corraline takes me straight into oceanside vacation mode! Every one of the scents we sell has its own following, so come take a sniff test and see what’s calling to you!

Panier des Sens

One of LYB’s newest additions, straight from the Provence region of France, Panier des Sens is one of my very favorite overall product lines in our store (and that’s saying a lot given our amazing selection!) The company’s focus is on producing the purest and most luxurious bath and body products utilizing local resources in the region. Their creations center around organic and non-synthetic ingredients and are all free from parabens, phenoxyethanol, silicone and aluminum. All of their packaging is also eco-friendly.

For me, a product line that synthesizes consciousness with quality is the epitome of perfection, and I feel that Panier des Sens has totally nailed it! I love slathering on their organic almond body butter before I slip into my pajamas at night, and my chronically dry lips love their rich moisturizing lip balms. I also get an instant lift from their rose geranium, which I indulge in with one of their scented candles. And, if I’m in need of an energy infusion, their lemon soap is an instant mood brightener. There is truly something for everyone in this line, and we carry the majority of it here at LYB!

Skinny & Co.

When considering bath and body product lines for LYB, we prioritize those that are unique, ethical and as safe and healthy as possible. Skinny & Co was one of the first lines we brought on board because it nailed all of these criteria. This small family-owned company is the only one in the world that sources 100 percent of its coconut oil from its own factory. It also owns its own exclusive oil extraction process, which involves zero use of heat, leading to the world’s only raw and alkaline coconut oil currently on the market (bottom line: more nutrients left intact.)

At LYB, we carry a range of wonderful Skinny & Co products, as well as gift boxes that are perfect around the holidays. I’m a huge fan of the facial oil, which revolutionized my beliefs about applying oil to my breakout zones. As it turns out, the application of their lavender-infused facial oil actually helps to clear up blemishes and, when applied at night, leads to a glowing complexion in the morning. Their brown sugar scrub makes getting into the shower feel like an indulgent trip to the spa. And everyone raves about their raw coconut oil taken on its own or added to smoothies.

Twig + Birdie Apothecary

If you love essential oils and understand the power of aromatherapy, Twig & Birdie will be right up your alley. Formulated right here in Indiana, all products are blended in small batches and are completely chemical-free. The focus is on simplicity, purity and as few ingredients as possible. As an emerging minimalist, this line completely speaks to me!

At LYB, we carry six fabulous roll-on “remedies,” consisting of proprietary blends to address issues we all, at some time, face: headaches, Sunday blues, blemishes and lagging energy. The wellness and inner Buddha grounding remedies round out the collection and are, in my opinion, a great replacement for perfumes and other chemically-laden fragrances in our medicine cabinets.

I carry all six roll-ons in my purse, so I’m never without a solution to what life throws at me! I’ve also become a diehard fan of Twig + Birdie’s face oils which deliver much-needed nutrients to my perpetually dry skin and keep me free from breakouts. Interestingly, the company’s creator and I attended the same massage school in Arizona, and I can personally attest to the wonderful, holistic training she received in a range of wellness-related therapies!

As you can see, we’ve assembled a magical range of spa-inspired products at LYB that literally includes something for everyone. Pure ingredients and environmental consciousness are the common threads, but the scent and product options are vast. We can’t wait for you to come in and sample what we have to offer, and hope you’ll consider using this BOGO opportunity to pick out something for yourself as well as a gift for someone you think deserves some self-pampering.


Lisa Berry

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